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It is a sad truth that in today’s society, signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage is often viewed as if the parties have a lack of trust that the marriage will endure. This sentiment could not be more false, as our Irvine prenuptial agreement attorneys commonly assure our clients. The truth is, 1 out of 10 couples enter into some sort of prenuptial agreement before they get married. But if every couple entered into marriage with one, the couples that end up seeking a divorce would be protected while the couples that continue their marriage would do so unaffected. It is a win-win scenario.

The Center for Mediated Divorce explains what you should know about prenuptial agreements and diffuses some of the myths that surround it.

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Benefits of Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

As a divorce firm, we have encountered many different couples struggling through the divorce process and wishing they had prepared beforehand. Signing a prenup before you get married can ease many future struggles and worries. Our Irvine prenup agreement attorneys have seen even the most perfect and “meant-to-be” couples benefit from the prenup process.

There are numerous benefits to signing a prenuptial agreement, including:

  • You learn how to communicate about money with your partner
  • You control of your future finances, not California Law
  • You gain peace of mind
  • You can strengthen your relationship through the process
  • You protect your interests in the event of a divorce

Discussing money and completely disclosing assets and interests is a good thing for any couple about to get married. A prenup is a perfect way to start problem-solving with your future spouse, figuring out how you can come to solutions and compromise, and learning about your partner in a way that you might not have had an opportunity to before.

Myths about Prenuptial Agreements

There are numerous myths that surround themselves around prenuptial agreements, creating a stigma around the legal process. As Irvine prenuptial agreement lawyers, our clients have asked as about these concerns, not sure if what they heard was true or not.

Here are some common myths our firm has heard about the prenuptial agreement process:

  • They only benefit a wealthy spouse – False. A prenup is configured to protect both spouses, not just those with high-net-worth and assets. If a spouse has a valuable and profitable business, they can ensure that the worth and assets of the business are protected, but that doesn’t mean that the other spouse gets nothing in the event of a divorce. Both spouses can feel equally protected and cared for when signing.
  • Planning for divorce is admitting defeat before you have started – Not true. People prepare for a lot of things that they hope will never happen, i.e. car accidents, flooding, house fires, serious injuries. The point of insurance is to make sure that you and your finances are protected when unwanted or unplanned things occur. Preparing is a way you can ensure everyone is protected if it happens, not when.
  • Signing a prenup means that everything I own remains my property – Yes and no. During the prenuptial process, you can determine what property you would like to remain separate and what you would like to be considered community property. Signing a prenup does not mean you automatically agree that all property will remain separate. You can come to your own conclusions and compromises when designing your agreement.

It should be disclosed that prenuptial agreements are not the answer to all of your divorce problems. If you and your spouse have children during your marriage, child custody and child support cannot be determined during the prenup process. These matters must be determined during the divorce process and are influenced by what is in the best interest of the child. Our Irvine divorce lawyers can help you resolve these matters in the event of a divorce.

Currently, the CMD has noted that many couples seeking a Prenup have each been married before and each wants to make it clear how their individual assets will be divided between their respective children. This often protects the children and gives them the clear knowledge of how their parents wish their assets to be distributed.

Thus, Prenuptial agreements allow the marrying couple to clearly articulate to their children how assets will be divided and eliminates disagreements and disputes later on.

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