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About Our Divorce Mediation Process in Irvine

Our Attorney Explains What to Expect

Even if you and your former spouse are choosing to move forward amicably, a mediated divorce can still be a fairly overwhelming process. In an effort to bring you a deserved peace of mind, our Irvine divorce mediation lawyer can inform you of our divorce mediation process. We strive to eliminate as much stress, anxiety, or tension through divorce solutions so that this chapter of life can start off on the best foot possible.

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Step 1: Initial Mediation Session

During the initial mediation session, the general goals of both spouses are discussed and a Mediation Agreement is signed by both spouses and the mediator. The mediator guides the parties in setting their schedule for mediations, as well as their priorities in choosing which issues to discuss first. For example, the parties decide whether to discuss parenting issues before financial issues, or vice versa. The mediator will clarify which documentation will need to be completed by the next session.

Step 2: Subsequent Mediation Sessions

The number of necessary sessions will vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the number of issues to be negotiated between the two spouses, as well as each person's willingness to compromise. The parties involved in the mediation are in charge of the mediation sessions.

Step 3: Agreement

The mediator keeps detailed notes of the agreements that are reached during each session. Once all issues have been agreed upon, then the mediator will draft a Settlement Agreement (the divorce decree). The Settlement Agreement is a comprehensive document that details all the agreements that have been reached between the parties.

At this point, both parties have the option of having a consulting attorney look over the final document before signing it. Though not required, this step is always recommended by the mediator. Once the Settlement Agreement has been signed, the mediator will send the documents to the courts for legal approval and finalization.

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At the Center for Mediated Divorce, we also understand that no two cases and no two families are exactly alike. Though we have a general approach to conducting the divorce mediation process, we also tailor our representation to suit your unique needs.

Unlike most, our Irvine divorce mediation lawyers truly take the time to listen to your story. We can create an effective divorce alternative that can yield long-term results – not just a quick or temporary solution to your current issue.

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