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Resolving Your Dispute with the Help of a Mediator

When parents cannot agree on child custody matters, they have a couple of different options – they can work through their differences so they can reach common ground, or they can use litigation and let the courts decide. While litigation is sometimes necessary, it tends to have financial and emotional costs that affect the entire family. If you have a child custody matter that you would like work through outside the courtroom, you may be interested in mediation and divorce alternatives.

With the process of mediation, you and the other parent will agree to work with a mediator (or a neutral third party) who will help to facilitate the negotiations. The mediator plays an important role in suggesting helpful solutions for resolving conflicts when the two parties reach a standstill. At Center for Mediated Divorce, we have an experienced Irvine divorce lawyer who help you and your child’s other parent engage in productive discussions so you can reach a favorable child custody agreement.

Here are a few reasons to consider mediation over litigation:

  • It can save you money.
  • It usually takes less time.
  • It allows for full confidentiality.
  • It gives both parents greater control over the outcome.
  • It typically provides less emotional trauma for the children involved.

Irvine Divorce Attorney with Decades of Experience

With a matter as delicate as child custody, you will want to make sure that you are working with a truly qualified professional.

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