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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

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Want to avoid a long, costly, and stressful divorce? Our team at Center for Mediated Divorce (CMD) passionately believes there are better divorce alternatives out there, and one of these is divorce mediation.

There are many benefits associated with pursuing divorce mediation, from affordability and a faster resolution to a less adversarial process that protects your children from conflict. But one of the most significant benefits is that you are able to tailor the plan to suit your family and future stability.

A mediator's main focus is to assist each party in reaching a mutually satisfying agreement. Mediators are willing to deviate from the norm, unlike judges, to help a couple create a plan that fits their circumstances and desires.

Why divorce mediation?

  • You are given the control to determine the custody schedule and other important issues.
  • Your time is not wasted as the focus shifts from debating to solution-seeking.
  • You can test the agreements you come up with to see how they work in practice.
  • You will still have the ability to litigate if mediation goes unsuccessfully.
  • It is always less expensive than litigation.

If you want to be more satisfied with your own solutions and wish to preserve a civil relationship with your spouse, we encourage you to retain the services of a divorce mediator. With divorce alternatives, like mediation – everybody can benefit from the outcome.

We can help you maintain control of your divorce.

Why pursue divorce mediation? Because it keeps you in the driver's seat. Don't let a judge have the predominant say-so concerning you and your family's future. If you want to come to a durable agreement and positively shape your personal and family's future, we encourage you to learn more about mediation by speaking with one of our divorce mediation attorneys today!

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