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The Kitchen Table Method

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Few couples are able to use the Kitchen Table Method because it requires complete voluntary disclosure of all financial information, a high level of trust between the parties, and the ability of both parties to engage in unemotional, reasonable discussions until an agreement is reached by both sides.

Divorce is an incredibly emotional legal matter to sort through, even for couples who chose to separate amicably. For this reason, you will need to work with an experienced Irvine divorce mediation lawyer who can help guide you through the process of an uncontested divorce.

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What is the Kitchen Table Method?

In the Kitchen Table Method, the parties spend an hour with an attorney at the Center for Mediated Divorce. Your legal professional will thoroughly explain the legal process and answer all of your concerns or questions. If you decide that the Kitchen Table Method is the best option for your family moving forward, then you will receive a detailed checklist and the required financial documents to help you begin your settlement discussions.

Once you reach an agreement, you will return to the Center for Mediated Divorce for your single mediation session. Our Irvine divorce mediation lawyer can then review your agreement to be certain that it will meet the court's approval. Our firm will then draft the final agreement, along with the required court documents for filing with the court.

If no further meetings are necessary, the documents will be prepared, reviewed and signed by the parties, and filed with the court. If further meetings are needed, there will be additional costs; however, our reasonable flat fees are based upon the number of meetings required to complete the matter.

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An uncontested divorce is the simplest form of divorce. It is when you and your partner are able to reach an uncomplicated resolution on most major issues, including how to handle property and child custody arrangements. In these situations, after the spouse seeking the divorce has filed the paperwork, the other spouse does not file a response in return.

Individuals who often seek an uncontested divorce such as the Kitchen Table Method include:

  • Spouses who do not hold bitter feelings against one another.
  • Spouses who are able to keep the big picture in mind during the divorce proceedings.
  • Spouses who are concerned about the time and cost factors involved.
  • Spouses who have minimal assets and uncomplicated financial situations.
  • Spouses who are able to make agreements regarding basic parenting plans.

One of the benefits of the Kitchen Table Method or uncontested divorce is that it is easier on any children involved. It is important to remember, however, that uncontested divorce is not for everyone. In some instances, you may decide to pursue a contested divorce instead. An attorney can advise you on the ideal route for your situation.

Center for Mediated Divorce has revolutionized the way couples separate through this innovative and new process. More and more couples are turning to the Kitchen Table Method when wanting to dissolve a marriage without conflict or spending a lot of money. Our Irvine divorce attorneys have refined this method to a step-by-step guideline that leads couples through discussion over matters, such as the division of debt or assets. Our team relieves the stress by handling the documents and legal agreement, leaving you and your spouse to sort out your affairs without feeling overwhelmed. If you would like to dissolve your marriage without conflict or ill-will, the Kitchen Table Method could be the right process for you.

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At the Center for Mediated Divorce, we care about each of our clients and are able to provide them with divorce alternatives to keep them out of court. We can help you understand all of the advantages to non-litigated divorces, while giving you the freedom to make the right choice for your family. If you would like experienced legal counsel about pursuing an uncontested divorce, do not hesitate to contact our skilled legal team!

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