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Divorce cannot always be settled with amicable feelings and around the kitchen table. Some marriages need to be dissolved through the court system. If you are seeking a divorce and a collaborative ending is just not in the cards for your situation, our skilled Irvine divorce litigation attorneys can help you through the process. We are skilled and highly experienced at representing clients through even the most complex divorce situations. We do what we can to ensure that your best interests are being met and protected. Through even the most combative divorce, our team is prepared to stand by you.

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Divorce Litigation Process in Orange County

Depending on the marriage and the spouses involved, divorce litigation can become incredibly complicated. Our legal team isn’t just about aggressively protecting your best interests; we also pride ourselves on compassionate and personalized legal services. Our Irvine divorce litigation lawyers work with our clients to ensure that they understand each step of the process and fully comprehend their options.

The steps of the divorce litigation process include:

  1. Petitioning & Serving the Petition – When you decide you want to end your marriage, you must petition for divorce and file in the county of your (or your spouse’s) residence. During the petition process, you can include a request for a restraining order. Your spouse is served the petition and must file an Answer. He or she is given the option to Counter-Petition.
  2. Establishing Temporary Orders – Temporary Orders establish rules and limits for both spouses to adhere to while waiting for the divorce to be finalized. For instance, they can establish everything from not spending too much money to establishing temporary child support or custody.
  3. Discovery – During this step, facts about each party are documented and analyzed. Information such as financial records, incomes, assets, bank statements, and life insurance are all examined. If a spouse hides assets or does not disclose the truth during this process, they can face serious consequences down the road.
  4. Mediation & Deposition – The parties of each spouse will gather to talk about the divorce. They will lay down their terms and interests. This part identifies what each spouse feels and desires, and if they can agree on certain matters, those issues will not have to be resolved in court. The attorneys also question the spouses to collect more information.
  5. Final Preparation – A month before the trial, both parties must submit pre-trial documentation to the court. These documents cover the matters of the divorce, including property division, spousal support, and child custody. During this process, the attorneys also talk to witnesses and prepare exhibits.
  6. Trial – Each party presents its case on the various matters of the divorce. The spouses answer questions about the contested matters of the divorce and a judge decides on all final matters, from alimony to custody. If a spouse does not agree with a ruling, they can try to appeal the decision.

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