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About the Principles of a Cooperative Divorce in Irvine

Understanding Divorce Alternatives

When choosing a cooperative divorce approach to separation, it is important to keep several issues in mind. Consider the following principles of cooperative divorce before you and your family move forward in your unique situation.

Both of the divorcing individuals and their respective attorneys commit in good faith to:

  • Fully cooperate and participate in negotiation sessions and seek to compromise where possible.
  • Conduct themselves at all times in a respectful, civil and professional manner.
  • Act civilly at all times and respond promptly to all reasonable requests for information from the other party.
  • Cooperate by fully disclosing all relevant financial information.
  • Jointly cooperate in gaining appraisals and/or other expert opinions before obtaining individual appraisals or expert opinions.
  • Obtain expert input and opinions (i.e. from a child specialist) before requesting a custody study.

If you, your spouse, and your legal representatives can uphold the above-mentioned principles, then a cooperative divorce may be the right solution for you. No two divorces and no two families are the same, however. Our Irvine divorce mediation attorney wishes to provide you with tailored legal advice that is applicable to your family's needs, goals, and dynamics.

Our Irvine Divorce Mediation Attorney Stands at Your Side from Start to Finish

At the Center for Mediated Divorce, we completely understand how life-changing a divorce can be for you and your family. Even if you are choosing to move forward amicably or are working together cooperatively in the best way possible, there can still be underlying stress or anxiety as you and your former spouse separate. Our Irvine cooperative divorce lawyer understands your need for legal support and can be trusted to inform you of your rights and options every step of the divorce solution process.

Clients continue to trust our Irvine divorce mediation firm for the following reasons:

  • Our lawyers provide creative, effective, and personalized solutions that result in long-term protection for your entire family.
  • Our firm is transparent, honest, and upfront when it comes to legal fees, as reflected by our set fee schedule.
  • Our legal team offers a free and no-obligation case consultation where clients can get to know us, our approach, and our general services.

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Your choice in legal representation will be a significant decision that cannot be reached haphazardly. Divorce is perhaps one of your life's greatest legal decisions, and it will certainly have a tremendous impact on your family for years to come. For this reason, we encourage you to speak with us today to learn how our insightful and caring attorneys can be of help you move forward with divorce solutions.

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