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Cooperative Divorce in California

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Seeking to avoid the high financial and emotional costs of contentious divorce litigation, many couples are turning towards cooperative divorces. As an innovative divorce solution, cooperative divorce is a non-adversarial process that combines elements of mediation and collaborative law. The proceedings are calm, respectful, and maintain the dignity of all parties. The focus is on finding solutions that benefit both spouses instead of declaring a "winner" and a "loser."

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At the Center for Mediated Divorce (CMD), we are proud to boast we have been one of California's leaders in the movement towards non-litigated divorces. For over 20 years, we have helped hundreds of couples smoothly transition to the next chapter of their lives without the damaging effects of bitter court battles. If you are seeking a process that looks positively towards the future instead of rehashing the mistakes of the past, our skilled Irvine divorce mediation attorney offers the insightful legal counsel you need.

Advantages of Cooperative Divorce

The cooperative divorce process offers a safe, non-confrontational climate to promote courteous negotiation. Each spouse retains his or her own attorney and usually meets with them beforehand to decide upon their desired goals. The respective attorneys then relay their concerns, represent their interests, and offer proposals for resolution during negotiation meetings. The spouses are also present during these discussions to provide clarification and resolve miscommunications. The focus is always to work together amicably to settle the legal issues of a divorce with the least amount of friction possible.

The benefits of a cooperative divorce are numerous and include:

  • Extremely efficient - Takes less time and is less costly than litigation
  • More private than a court proceeding; only the spouses and their attorneys are privy to the information disclosed, including financial arrangements
  • Fosters civility and respect instead of discord and resentment
  • Friends, family, and children are kept out of the process, thereby preserving these relationships
  • Couples have complete control of the outcome instead of leaving it up to judges
  • Provides the foundation for continued cooperation, especially when children are involved

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Bitter court battles often intensify the conflicts that led to a divorce, often causing permanent emotional damage to both spouses. Statistics show that couples who engage in contentious litigation often return to court again and again, never truly settling their differences.

A cooperative divorce enables couples to resolve their disputes in a constructive manner so they can move on to the next stage of their life harmoniously. If you are looking to channel your focus on preserving your family relationships during and after your divorce, try divorce alternatives with CMD!

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