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Collaborative law provides a useful approach to completing an out-of-court divorce by providing a full professional team to support the entire family until settlement is reached. This divorce solution engages a well-trained and experienced professional team to give the parties full-access to emotional, financial, and legal professionals throughout the settlement discussions and negotiations.

The complete focus of collaborative law is on assisting all family members in dealing with emotional issues of the divorce process, as well as providing any necessary professional experts to assist in the areas requiring professional counsel (finance, mental health, child support, etc.). The parties and attorneys will agree in advance that they will not resort to court intervention together. Should the collaborative process not result in a settlement, the parties must engage new attorneys.

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Unlike conventional divorce, collaborative law involves specially-trained lawyers in the collaborative practice, who operate outside the court system to reach a settlement. Through a team-oriented approach, collaborative law can help families work together to resolve important issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, and property distribution. Collaborative law is often a great solution for many couples who want all family members to emerge from the divorce process with stronger communication skills and more positive parenting skills.

Benefits of collaborative divorce include the following:

Allows families to work together to resolve important issues.
Ensures equitable results for all parties.
It is less expensive than litigation.
More private - no hearings, no depositions, and no motions to the court.
Both parties remain in control of the outcome.
It takes less time than litigation.
Your divorce is as amicable as possible.
The non-combative atmosphere diminishes hostility.

In a collaborative divorce, spouses and attorneys negotiate in four-way meetings, often with an entire team of professionals to help you reach a settlement. This team might include anyone from financial advisers to specialists, and more. Collaborative divorces can also assist all family members with the emotional repercussions of a divorce. To learn more, speak with our Irvine divorce mediation lawyer.

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If you want to make important decisions about your family and future—and not leave them in the hands of a judge—a collaborative divorce just might be the right divorce solution for you. With collaborative divorce, you are able to customize a unique solution that can benefit all parties involved. To learn more and to find a solution that everyone can work with, we encourage you to contact our team at CMD. We would love to put our compassionate approach, extensive knowledge, and experience to work for you!

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