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  • Always Winning Can Negatively Impact Your Child

    || 28-Nov-2016

    In a world of the “every child is a winner” mentality, studies might actually be showing that letting your child win every time could do more harm than good. According to recent research, when a child wins 100% of the time he or she can develop confidence traits that hinder problem-solving skills. The child can no longer identify helpful resources and can fail to use proper ...
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  • Should I Let My Child Quit?

    || 17-Nov-2016

    This question often plagues the minds of parents, especially when their children continue to insist on hating certain extracurricular activities. As a parent, you don’t want to see your child give up on something, and as a society, we are adverse to quitters. How many times have we all heard that “Winners never quit and quitters never win” saying? As a parent, it can be difficult ...
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  • Does Nesting Help Your Children through Divorce?

    || 3-Nov-2016

    Divorce has evolved over the last couple of years. With women earning better wages and father’s looking to be involved in custody, old traditional divorce agreements have fallen by the wayside and new, creative solutions are being experimented with and implemented. Many divorced couples have tried to find stability for their children and are turning to “nesting” to provide their ...
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  • Struggling with Middle-School Children

    || 14-Jun-2016

    On May 18 th, the Wall Street Journal released an article titled “Middle-School Years Are the Toughest Time for Moms” . According to recent research studies, mothers tend to feel the most anxious and unsure of their parenting abilities when their children are at the middle-school age. The study was conducted with feedback from over 2,200 different mothers and showed that moms with ...
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  • Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

    || 15-Sep-2015

    Divorce can be a stressful and confusing event for a child. They can even feel angry about the idea of their parents splitting up or afraid of how the divorce will change their life. As a parent, you can make the process of a divorce less painful for your children. By providing a positive and supportive environment, you can help your child cope with your divorce. Our Irvine divorce attorney shares ...
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  • Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Orange County This Summer

    || 11-Jul-2014

    Summer vacation can be thrilling for kids, but at some point the newness wears off and you’ll probably hear your children utter the words “I’m bored!” And while I definitely advocate for children to entertain themselves, it’s also fun to get the kids out and explore some new things to do, or to do fun new projects at home. With that in mind, here are my top 10 things ...
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  • Looking At Divorce From A Child's Perspective

    || 25-Feb-2014

    Often times, a couple will become so involved with their divorce proceedings that they forget that their actions affect not only themselves, but their children as well. A child’s perspective on divorce is often overlooked, even though they’re one of the primary affected parties. In order to shed light on the emotional turmoil and difficulties experienced by children of divorce, Ellen ...
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  • Holiday Survival Guide for Divorced Parents

    || 23-Dec-2011

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are nearly 4 million divorced parents in this country, which means there are a lot of parents navigating the emotional waters of the holiday season. As a divorced parent, this time of year you are likely to face issues that include holiday custody schedules, battles over presents, new significant others, or the pain of simply being alone or apart from ...
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  • 5 Tips for Unspoiling Your Kids During Christmas

    || 16-Dec-2011

    The holiday season is in full swing, and so is the gift giving. In our last post, we discussed mindful gift giving. This week, we’re talking about how to “unspoil” your kids. The article we’re highlighting this week talks about a survey that was done by TODAY Moms and Parenting.com. They surveyed 6,000 moms online and found that 76 percent admit that it’s a season of ...
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  • Mindful Gift Giving for Families

    || 2-Dec-2011

    Giving gifts is such a fun part of the holidays! Gifts, of course, come in all shapes and sizes, some big, some small, some expensive, and some that might cost only pennies to make. Regardless of the cost, most people agree that it’s the thought behind the giving that means the most. Since our “giving identities” are formed during the childhood and teen years, parents can help ...
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  • Dad's Involvement Improves Child Outcomes

    || 3-Sep-2011

    Concordia University has published a new study that shows children who have fathers that take an active role in child-raising activities do better academically and have better behavior. This holds true regardless of whether the father lives with the children. While this research is not exactly a surprise to anyone, it reinforces the importance of both parents active involvement in their ...
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  • The Wrong Reasons for Staying Married

    || 21-Jul-2011

    Marriages that start out happy and full of promise can unfortunately become tumultuous, disappointing and toxic. Let’s face it, maintaining a healthy marriage is hard work! Before choosing divorce, I believe couples should really try to resolve their issues and awaken their relationship. However, there are some very common reasons that people stay unhappily married, which really ends up ...
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  • For many divorcing couples, the emotional aspect of adjusting after the divorce is hard enough. Then, if you have children, it’s tough to learn how to handle those difficult situations where you have to see your ex (and maybe eventually their significant other) at your children’s important events. Inevitably there will be graduations, sporting events, weddings, etc. that you both will ...
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  • Mother's Day for Single Moms

    || 6-May-2011

    Being a single mom is a tough job. In fact, there might be nothing harder! Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I thought it was a good time to recognize all the mothers out there, especially the single moms. Chances are many single moms are juggling jobs or careers, children, daycare, children’s activities and sports, and more! I’m sure that can seem overwhelming at times, for even ...
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