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  • How Much Does a Mediated Divorce Cost?

    || 21-Jan-2016

    One thing that is universally acknowledged about divorce is that it can become expensive. Between attorney fees and long hours of paperwork or court time, it’s easy to see how the numbers would start to add up—and fast! Cutting costs during a divorce process can be tricky, considering that you want to ensure your interests will remain protected. Fortunately, there are other ways of ...
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  • The Top 5 Ways Money Problems Cause Divorce

    || 16-Jul-2011

    Money problems are typically listed among the 10 top reasons why people get divorced. The article I’m highlighting this week talks about the specific top 5 ways that money problems cause divorce. Here is a recap of the 5 money dynamics that typically pose the greatest challenge in a marriage: The Financial Roller Coaster The Financial Odd Couple – Savers vs. Spenders Control of the ...
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