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  • Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

    || 15-Sep-2015

    Divorce can be a stressful and confusing event for a child. They can even feel angry about the idea of their parents splitting up or afraid of how the divorce will change their life. As a parent, you can make the process of a divorce less painful for your children. By providing a positive and supportive environment, you can help your child cope with your divorce. Our Irvine divorce attorney shares ...
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  • Dad's Involvement Improves Child Outcomes

    || 3-Sep-2011

    Concordia University has published a new study that shows children who have fathers that take an active role in child-raising activities do better academically and have better behavior. This holds true regardless of whether the father lives with the children. While this research is not exactly a surprise to anyone, it reinforces the importance of both parents active involvement in their ...
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  • Recognizing Dads and Stepdads on Father's Day

    || 18-Jun-2011

    There is no question that fathers influence and impact their children’s lives in many ways, specifically in academic achievement and behavior, just to name a few important areas. Not surprisingly, if stepfathers forge a bond with their stepchildren, this also is very beneficial to the children. This week, in honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to highlight this article titled “Not My ...
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