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  • Are You at Risk for Having an Affair?

    || 29-May-2015

    Infidelity can be defined very differently depending on who you ask. While some may define infidelity narrowly as sexual intercourse with an individual who is not your spouse, others see it more broadly, including sexual activities and/or emotional entanglement. So how exactly should people be defining infidelity? To put it simply, if you break the rules of sexual or emotional intimacy and ...
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  • Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

    || 22-Sep-2011

    According to the Census Bureau report “Marital Events of Americans: 2009”, the divorce rate for second marriages is no higher than for first marriages. Overall, second marriages are shorter. But that’s because they are usually later in life and are more likely to end when a spouse passes away. For those marriages that end in divorce, they appear to last about the same amount of ...
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  • The 7 Year Itch is Real

    || 5-Aug-2011

    It’s interesting to me that people are marrying now at an older age, divorce rates have risen over the years, but the theory of the 7 year itch remains steadfast. Census data released earlier this year shows that for divorced couples, the median time from marriage to separation is about 7 years. Marriage experts think that the accumulated stress of having children, work and family pressures, ...
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  • The Top 5 Ways Money Problems Cause Divorce

    || 16-Jul-2011

    Money problems are typically listed among the 10 top reasons why people get divorced. The article I’m highlighting this week talks about the specific top 5 ways that money problems cause divorce. Here is a recap of the 5 money dynamics that typically pose the greatest challenge in a marriage: The Financial Roller Coaster The Financial Odd Couple – Savers vs. Spenders Control of the ...
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  • Deception and Infidelity

    || 14-Jun-2011

    The statistics on infidelity in a marriage vary widely, depending on which study is being referenced, but it appears the generally accepted estimates show that about 60% of men will cheat in their lifetime, and 40% of women will cheat at some point during their life. And, not surprisingly, infidelity is one of the top reasons for divorce, if not the #1 reason for divorce in a marriage. The article ...
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