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  • Does Nesting Help Your Children through Divorce?

    || 3-Nov-2016

    Divorce has evolved over the last couple of years. With women earning better wages and father’s looking to be involved in custody, old traditional divorce agreements have fallen by the wayside and new, creative solutions are being experimented with and implemented. Many divorced couples have tried to find stability for their children and are turning to “nesting” to provide their ...
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  • Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

    || 15-Sep-2015

    Divorce can be a stressful and confusing event for a child. They can even feel angry about the idea of their parents splitting up or afraid of how the divorce will change their life. As a parent, you can make the process of a divorce less painful for your children. By providing a positive and supportive environment, you can help your child cope with your divorce. Our Irvine divorce attorney shares ...
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  • Venting Can Actually Be Unhealthy

    || 1-Sep-2015

    We all have been in a situation when we feel like sharing a something that was incredibly frustrating. Whether it’s because of a boss who yelled at us or a friend who was insensitive towards your feelings, many people use “venting” to blow off some steam and feel better. But can venting actually make you feel worse? Recent studies show that its effects may not be as accurate as ...
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  • Making Time for Yourself to Cope With Stress

    || 23-Feb-2015

    Sometimes dealing with everyday stresses can put you in a funk. When big issues, like a pending divorce, or issues with child support are piled onto the stress of the day, you can easily become anxious and overwhelmed. The good news is that there are proven ways you can help yourself. Courtney Howard, a Certified Life Coach at The Law Collaborative, provides helpful tips on how to deal with ...
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  • The Orange County Divorce Mediation Process

    || 27-Aug-2014

    The Mediation Process – How Mediation Works in Orange County Finding the right mediator to help resolve your divorce disputes can be challenging. At our meditation practice, we meet with our prospective clients and discuss their case to determine if mediation is appropriate. We take great pride in helping our clients reach solutions while saving them time and money. Read on to learn more ...
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  • Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 22-Aug-2014

    What is a Marital Settlement Agreement? Many people who are about to begin divorce – (in some states called marital dissolution) – proceedings, are unaware that estranged spouses can agree to most of the terms of their divorce – without a bruising and protracted court battle. What is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)? A “marital settlement agreement” (MSA) is a ...
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  • Client Directed Mediation

    || 1-Aug-2014

    Client-Directed Mediation Individualizes the Divorce Process All human beings were created uniquely different. And all marital relationships are unique as well. When current statistics show that more than half of today’s marriages will fail, that reality should dictate that divorce proceedings should be unique, too. It seems that many family law mediators have a set agenda for divorce ...
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  • Choosing The Right Divorce Mediation Attorney

    || 29-Jul-2014

    How to Choose the Right Divorce Mediator in Orange County Are you an Orange County, California resident currently considering using a mediator to resolve your divorce disputes? A highly trained Newport Beach divorce mediator can help you save time, money, and quickly help you and the other party reach an agreement on a pending divorce, or family law related disputes you may have. Read on to learn ...
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  • Collaborative Law Vs. Mediation

    || 27-Jul-2014

    Mediation vs. Collaborative Family Law Approach – Which One is Right for You? Divorcing couples in the Fullerton, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, CA areas contemplate between utilizing the collaborative family law approach or mediation to promptly resolve their divorce disputes. Though both options allow couples to decide how to best resolve any pending issues, mediation is the more ...
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  • This is the fourth in our series of six articles on why adopting a positive mindset during divorce can have a permanent effect on the rest of your life. In our last article, we discussed how the wonderful relationship you had when you were first “in love” can deteriorate to the point that divorce seems like the only option. This week we focus on how and why it makes sense to begin ...
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  • This, the third in our series of six articles, is my analysis of how most couples allow marital bliss to go adrift to the point where they believe divorce is the only option. We define what makes a good relationship and how it can change over time in ways so subtle that couples miss the warnings, until the “Danger Ahead: Road Ends” sign appears. We will discuss our take on good ...
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  • In Part 1 of this article, I spent a lot of time explaining how my past as an elementary school teacher and Sylvan Learning Center owner helped me understand the Power of Positive Thinking in getting through tough times, using children as the example. In a divorce, the children go through one of their toughest times. We also mentioned the role of the parents in the success of helping their ...
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  • Why I Believe in the Power of Positive Thinking in Divorce

    || 5-Feb-2014

    I recently heard of a survey taken in 2012 quoting that 77% of marriages in Orange County end in divorce. To me that is a staggering statistic and also an American tragedy. It got me thinking about our practice here at CMD and why I even got into this facet of the law. It also forced me to think about what I have learned from my many years of practical experience that may be helpful to divorcing ...
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  • Mediation for Preservation

    || 2-Jan-2014

    For some people, mediation may seem like quitting; a compromise of self and property as a result of the inability to take a firm stance or fight for personal justice. While there are certainly legal situations that are so obfuscated that they require litigation to resolve, mediation remains the safer, faster and economical alternative in most situations. Mediation tends to provide both parties ...
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