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Divorce Mediation Myths

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 7-Feb-2017

There are many myths and lies that surround divorce mediation. Many people that don’t have a full understanding of the mediation process might think it is or isn’t for them. Our Irvine divorce mediation lawyers shed some light on what you should know about mediation and what is Fact or Fiction.

Common Mediation Myths and Their Truths

Myth: Mediation is more effort than just hiring a lawyer to handle it.

The Truth: No matter what you choose to do, it will be a process. If you go through the court system, a lawyer will not just handle it all for you while you get to kick-back and relax. You will have to make difficult decisions no matter what. Mediation is a process designed around decision making and compromise. An effective mediator can take you from step A to step B, and beyond, efficiently and effectively, without the obstacles created by conflict.

Myth: Finding compromise will make the process take longer.

The Truth: In most situations, mediation takes less time than litigation. Unless the spouses have found a compromise beforehand, using litigation attorneys can extend the process, even if they are able to settle out of court.

Myth: Any lawyer can handle the mediation process.

The Truth: Divorce mediation is not like the litigation process. Many litigation lawyers are unable to navigate the nonadversarial approach to mediation. It is important that if you are looking to have a mediated divorce, you find an attorney that handles mediation and understands the differences in the process.

Myth: The mediator controls the mediation process.

The Truth: When you go through a mediated divorce, you control the aspects of your divorce. The process is about you and your spouse finding compromise on your own; the mediator simply guides the divorce and handles the logistics. When deciding support, custody, property division, and more, you are the one who gets the final say.

To learn more about mediated divorce, contact the Center for Mediated Divorce today.

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