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Blog Posts in February, 2017

  • How to Solve 3 Most Common Co-Parenting Conflicts

    || 28-Feb-2017

    Are you and your ex struggling to navigate “co-parenting”? Our Irvine divorce lawyers share three common co-parenting problems and how you can resolve them. Three Common Co-Parenting Problems & Solutions: Different Parenting Styles Parenting is difficult, especially when you and your ex-spouse don’t see eye-to-eye on parental tactics. Maybe you like to have an orderly and ...
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  • Divorce Mediation Myths

    || 7-Feb-2017

    There are many myths and lies that surround divorce mediation. Many people that don’t have a full understanding of the mediation process might think it is or isn’t for them. Our Irvine divorce mediation lawyers shed some light on what you should know about mediation and what is Fact or Fiction. Common Mediation Myths and Their Truths Myth: Mediation is more effort than just hiring a ...
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