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How Much Does a Mediated Divorce Cost?

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 21-Jan-2016

One thing that is universally acknowledged about divorce is that it can become expensive. Between attorney fees and long hours of paperwork or court time, it’s easy to see how the numbers would start to add up—and fast! Cutting costs during a divorce process can be tricky, considering that you want to ensure your interests will remain protected. Fortunately, there are other ways of cutting back without sacrificing quality legal representation. Many people have turned to mediation to dissolve their marriages, in hopes of saving money during the process. Our Irvine divorce attorney explains the difference and how you can save some funds during your break-up.

Compared Costs of Mediated Divorce and Contested Divorce

Comparatively, mediated divorce can cost much less than a “regular” divorce. Mediated divorce, or the process of discussing the matters of a divorce outside of the courtroom and through collaborative and constructive discussion, can not only help you dissolve your marriage peacefully but can also save you lots of money in the process.

Ways that mediated divorce can help you save funds include:

  • Reducing your time: Discussion and coming to an agreement saves you the time that you could have wasted on battling it out in court. A reduced time can save you tons on attorney fees and litigation. Because of how concentrated the court system can become, a one hour hearing can become six hours, which you will be billed for by your lawyer during the regular divorce process.
  • Sharing costs: In a court battle, you and your spouse would both need a separate attorney with separate fees and costs. During a mediated divorce, you and your spouse can share a mediated divorce lawyer. Because a mediation attorney works with you as a couple and is an unbiased third party, you and your spouse have no reason why you can’t split the bill.
  • Working together, off-the-clock: Mediation is a great option for couples that would like to end their marriage on good terms, whether they are keeping things amicable for the kids or would like to remain friends. Because of this you and your spouse can talk and determine the details of your divorce without an attorney present. Talk it through, go in prepared, and save money!

To discuss the details of cost for mediation in detail, contact Center for Mediated Divorce today and speak with our knowledgeable Irvine divorce lawyer.

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