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How Long Does a Divorce Take in California?

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 14-Jan-2016

Because divorce can be a stressful event for many people, some individuals may try to complete their divorce process as quickly as possible. It is possible that in your current situation, you may want your marriage to be dissolved ASAP. But even though it may be convenient to quickly end your relationship in some situations, the legal divorce process does not allow you to file on a Monday and be divorced by Friday. There are many waiting periods and restrictions set up within the California divorce process. Our Irvine divorce lawyer explains what you need to know about the time frames and requirements needed to legally dissolve your marriage.

How Long Do I Have to Wait?

Starting the day you serve your spouse divorce papers, your divorce can be finalized after a six month period. Even if you complete all of your paperwork in a timely manner, under California law you must wait the full six months until your divorce can be legally finalized. This is done in order to prevent couples from making rash or emotional decisions that they might change their mind on. Even if you are certain that you want to end your marriage, you must still wait the full amount of time. Both spouses must occur before the timer for the six months starts ticking, which means it can start before the divorce papers are even filed.

What Can I Do During This Time?

If you and your spouse have not determined the details of your divorce, you can use the time you are required to wait to resolve these matters. Through the contested or uncontested divorce processes, an attorney can help you and your spouse resolve a number of loose ends in your divorce.

Matters that a skilled Irvine divorce attorney can help you resolve include:

  • Property division
  • Alimony or support
  • Child support
  • Child custody

You and your spouse may come across other restrictions during your divorce process. For instance, you must live in California for six months prior to filing for divorce. Also, if you and your spouse have children but do not have a custody plan in place before petitioning, California law requires you to attend custody mediation.

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