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Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 15-Sep-2015

Divorce can be a stressful and confusing event for a child. They can even feel angry about the idea of their parents splitting up or afraid of how the divorce will change their life. As a parent, you can make the process of a divorce less painful for your children. By providing a positive and supportive environment, you can help your child cope with your divorce. Our Irvine divorce attorney shares some tips about how this is possible when handling an emotional or upsetting event, like divorce.

Talking with Your Child Is Key

This is the simplest tip to give, but also the most difficult piece of advice to follow—especially when you aren’t sure what exactly to say to your child. It is important to give your child an honest explanation about why you and your spouse are going through the divorce process. No matter what, open communication and demonstrating empathy is important when trying to help your child.

Communication isn’t always easy to achieve. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Be truthful. Your divorce affects your children, giving them the right to know and understand why it’s happening. Simple and honest answers can help them reach an understanding about what the future holds.
  • Remember to say “I love you”. It may seem like a no-brainer, but saying it out loud can help remind your child through this stressful time.
  • Discuss what will change. Even though your first instinct might be to tell them of all the things in their life that won’t change because of the divorce, it is also important to inform them of what is to come.
  • Don’t blame your spouse. Despite how you might feel about your spouse, chances are your child doesn’t feel that way and will be confused if you begin to blame them for the divorce. It is important to provide a united front.

Even though we encourage you to talk with your children, an equal part of open communication is listening. Take time to really listen to your child and encourage them to share their feelings with you. If they are upset, acknowledge those feelings. Ultimately, you can help your child cope with divorce by taking the time to communicate and putting forth the effort to ensure that they are coping.

If you would like your divorce to be an amicable one, our Irvine divorce lawyer at the Center for Mediated Divorce can assist you through the entire process.

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