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Daily Journal Highlights Attorney Judy Williams & Her Mediation Skills

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 19-Mar-2015

The Daily Journal recently interviewed Judy Williams on her legal career as a highly talented and effective mediator, highlighting her emotional intelligence and neutrality. Her path to becoming a compassionate and successful mediator advocate began back in East St. Louis, where she was born and raised. She attended the University of Illinois, graduating with a teacher’s credential that she used to teach elementary school throughout the country. Her and her husband finally settled down in Tennessee, where she ran a Sylvan Learning Center franchise with a partner for 21 years. They were so successful that the corporate headquarters hired her and her husband.

After this, Attorney Williams began to feel a pull in a different career path. When her husband got a job in Thousand Oaks, she decided to take an aptitude test to see what she should pursue at this new start. The results read that she should either be a lawyer or a counselor. Attorney Williams decided to become a lawyer, though her niche of mediation has turned her into a bit of counselor as well. Graduating from law school in 1995, she began taking on adoption and guardianship cases right away. With her own three children being adopted, she believed this was meant to be her legal practice.

Though she still handles some general family law matters, she realized that her heart was for mediation. Attorney Williams didn’t want to be involved in gritty litigation that often ended in frustration. Instead, she took courses at Pepperdine University School of Law’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution to hone her skills in this area. Soon after, the Center for Mediated Divorce was founded.

Unique Approach to Resolving Family Disputes

Attorney Williams has worked with countless other lawyers over the years, continually learning from her experiences. In response, many credit her with providing them the foundation for how they should run their own family law firms in the future. It is this passionate and caring approach that allows her to give clients meaningful counsel.

Her approach is simple. She makes sure to always:

  • Ask her clients what their bottom line is, or what they want out of the dispute
  • Make sure her clients know their voices are being heard
  • Remain professional, calm, and respectful
  • Provide suggestions and potential solutions that meet in the middle
  • Mediate when issues arise and remain patient when they cannot be resolved

Attorney Williams handles everything from mediation to cooperative and collaborative divorces. She believes that people who use the mediation process often come up with much better solutions to raise children and resolve problems. At the end of the day, she cares deeply about bringing peace to families going through difficult legal times.

Want to learn more about divorce mediation? You can contact the Center for Mediated Divorce at any time for counsel and legal insight.

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