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Plan for Your Divorce the Right Way

Posted By Judy Williams || 26-Jan-2015

There are just as many reasons couples pursue divorce as there are ways to actually separate. Collaborative, mediation, or even heading to court-these options can make your head spin and cause you to lose sight of some of the more important aspects of your divorce. A lack of preparation for one of the biggest life changes you'll ever experience can only amplify an already complex situation.

Before you do anything, consider the timing. You may think you just can't stay married for one more day, but postponing a few months might be in your best interest. Wait for a season when you are earning less money to file. If the court sees a significant decrease in your income, they may order reduced alimony payments or award you more property.

Secure Your Assets Before It's Too Late

The last thing you want is to lose everything you hold dear, whether it's your valuables or the money you've worked for. Make a list of your assets, sources of income, and debts. Get hold of past tax returns and make copies of finance-related documents.

When a divorce is near, many spouses resort to hiding certain items they don't want to part with. Avoid this problem by taking pictures and creating detailed records of your valuables. You should also begin tracking your expenses, as your cost of living will affect the final say-so of your divorce.

Budget for the Future Starting Today

Individuals often fail to consider the reality of living on just one income. Not only do you need to budget for the details of your divorce, you also need to budget for life after your divorce. How are you going to pay for your divorce? Always avoid dipping into your retirement fund; instead consider alternate means of footing the costs.

As you create a budget for the future, it's better to give yourself more wiggle room. Contemplate the way you hope to live after your divorce and determine if you have the means to do so. If not, it's time to cut back or find ways to increase your income.

Think Outside the Box

In years past, divorce court was truly one of the only ways to separate from your spouse. Fortunately this is not the case today. Numerous other options are not only cheaper, but more effective as a whole. Consider mediation or a collaborative divorce. A qualified Irvine divorce attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

There is a lot to think about, but you don't have to go it alone. Our firm has been representing spouses and families for over 20 years and would be honored to do the same for you. Contact the Center for Mediated Divorce for your free phone consultation!

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