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Making Time for Yourself to Cope With Stress

Posted By Center for Mediated Divorce || 23-Feb-2015

Sometimes dealing with everyday stresses can put you in a funk. When big issues, like a pending divorce, or issues with child support are piled onto the stress of the day, you can easily become anxious and overwhelmed. The good news is that there are proven ways you can help yourself.

Courtney Howard, a Certified Life Coach at The Law Collaborative, provides helpful tips on how to deal with stress. In her article, “Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for a Little ‘Me’ Time” she addresses these issues head on. She notes that stress can be laced in everyday activity, slowly building up over time and leading to imbalance and frustration. When everyday stresses are weighing heavily on your shoulders, remember to take care of yourself and make time to decompress.

When you are about to tackle another day of stress, it is helpful to center yourself. You can do this by leaving a space in your day that is focused on you. Practicing self-care is imperative for your mental and physical balance and can help you handle the issues at hand with a more strengthened spirit. Think about what you enjoy. Whether it is practicing yoga before the start of your day, lighting candles and reading a book, taking a bath, journaling, or cooking a nice meal, do not be afraid to indulge in “me” time.

When you take time for yourself, it is not a selfish act, but a necessity for caring for your wellbeing and happiness. When you care for yourself, you can better care for others and handle everyday stress more sufficiently. Neglecting to practice self-care and mindfulness may lead to unhealthy resentment overtime.

Utilizing a Simple Exercise of Mindfulness

When you begin feeling overwhelmed and like you are sinking deeper into a consuming pool of stress, Courtney Howard advises to simply STOP and follow this quick exercise.


Stop what you are currently doing.

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Observe what you’re feeling and thinking.

Proceed with your day.

When you utilize this simple exercise, it can help bring your awareness back to the present. Through this reflection, your life is put into perspective, helping you release negativity and replace it with gratefulness and motivation. Taking time to refocuse your mind can help you find peace in day-to-day life, even amidst stressful times.

If you are facing stressful family law issues , feel free to reach out to the Center for Mediated Divorce for guidance from a compassionate Irvine divorce attorney. Besides being very good listeners, we can help you unwind the tight ball of stressful tension and help you consider ways of proceeding positively. Attorney Judy Williams is a certified expert who will keep helpful & constructive communication going between spouses, even in very difficult situations.

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