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Using Mediation To Develop Child Custody And Support Agreements

Posted By Judy Williams || 24-Nov-2014

Use Mediation to Develop a Child Custody & Support Plan

Before you hire an attorney to litigate your child custody and support plan, consider contacting a mediator for guidance. Most parents who result to litigate child custody and support orders often feel dissatisfied with the judge’s ruling. By hiring a mediator, parents can work together to reach an agreement that is not only best for their children, but them as well. Read on to learn more.

Child Support & Custody – It’s About More than Money

Courts focus on the costs involved with providing child support or splitting custody. They rely on mandated formulas in calculating support which often result in financial windfalls to parents. Mediators help parents focus on the importance of their relationship with their children. In doing so, parents are able to review and consider several factors when deciding how to share custody and support. A skilled mediator knows how to address the emotional aspects of making such decisions, while helping parties see past their feelings to make an informed decision on behalf of their children’s best interest.

When couples reach agreements during mediation, they feel more obligated to abide by the terms. Sometimes, mediators recommend couples seek therapy as individuals and with the family to help resolve conflicts. Divorce can leave family members feeling broken. As a parent, instead of spending your money on unreasonable attorney fees, research tools and other methods – such as co-parenting- in which you can use to resolve your divorce and ensure your family won’t feel broken afterwards, but be able to move forward.

Mediation is Not Adversarial

Before you go to mediation, make sure you and your spouse know what you want to achieve and what will work with your school, work, and social schedules. Do not feel bad if a 50/50 visitation plan is not possible. Remember, both parties should do what is in the best interest of their children. By both parties knowing what they want to achieve, the chances of mediation becoming adversarial will be reduced.

Also, during mediation, make sure you remain flexible. Do not hold firm to a set ultimatum. Hear the other party out and see if you can compromise. Most importantly, be respectful of everyone’s time, including the mediator and do not agree to anything under duress.

Mediation Focuses on the Future

By using mediation to resolve your child support and custody issues, you can focus on your children’s future. As a parent, you want what is best for your children. During mediation, when crafting a parenting plan, you can focus on the type of relationship you seek to have with your children years past your divorce. The parenting plan you put together with your spouse could help foster positive relationships with your children. The court does not think about the long term emotional development of children, but mediators do.

If you are considering using a mediator to develop a child custody and support plan, contact us for more information. We provide mediation services to residents of Orange County.

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