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The Orange County Divorce Mediation Process

Posted By Judy Williams || 27-Aug-2014

The Mediation Process – How Mediation Works in Orange County

Finding the right mediator to help resolve your divorce disputes can be challenging. At our meditation practice, we meet with our prospective clients and discuss their case to determine if mediation is appropriate. We take great pride in helping our clients reach solutions while saving them time and money. Read on to learn more about the mediation process and how our mediators help parties find solutions during their divorce.

The Orange County Mediation Process

At our Orange County divorce mediation practice, we try to keep the mediation process as simple as possible. Since divorce tends to cause a great deal of stress upon a family, we work alongside our clients to maintain a peaceful environment. Our mediators understand the importance of how a relaxing environment can help parties reach an agreement in a time effective manner and feel satisfied with the result

  1. Initial Meeting or Conference Call

We invite all of our prospective clients to contact us to schedule an initial meeting to discuss their issues. During the meeting, our trained mediator will ask a series of questions to gather basic information about the matter to determine if mediation is appropriate for the parties. For example, under some situation, if domestic violence has occurred, we may decline to provide mediation services.

Both parties will be contacted to determine if they both agree to mediate the issues in dispute. If the parties agree, a follow-up appointment will be set to undergo a mediation evaluation in which all issues in conflict will be discussed.

  1. Mediation Evaluation – Define the Issues of Conflict

Each party can either call our office or meet with us in person to discuss the issues in which they would like to have resolved. This will help us guide the conversation and maintain a neutral environment to help achieve conflict resolution. Note, we never provide legal advice to either party during mediation. Our sole duty is to remain neutral and help the parties foster a dialogue to reach an agreement.

  1. Joint Meeting and Individual Sessions

A joint meeting will be scheduled for the parties to come together. During this meeting, our mediator will discuss the terms of the mediation and their role therein. We will determine if it is best for the parties to have individual sessions with our mediator, or joint sessions to resolve their dispute.

  1. Follow-Up Meeting or Conference

There are times in which mediation spans into several days, or parties would like to think about their options prior to signing an agreement. We conduct follow-up sessions upon request to make sure all parties are in agreement with the resolution of the underlying issues.

  1. Final Resolution

Once the parties reach a final resolution, a marital settlement agreement will be drafted for their review and approval. The marital settlement agreement will be attached to the final judgment.

We invite you to contact our mediation office to speak with one of our mediators. We provide mediation services to residents of all of Orange County, California including Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Santa Ana.

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