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Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • The Orange County Divorce Mediation Process

    || 27-Aug-2014

    The Mediation Process – How Mediation Works in Orange County Finding the right mediator to help resolve your divorce disputes can be challenging. At our meditation practice, we meet with our prospective clients and discuss their case to determine if mediation is appropriate. We take great pride in helping our clients reach solutions while saving them time and money. Read on to learn more ...
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  • Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 22-Aug-2014

    What is a Marital Settlement Agreement? Many people who are about to begin divorce – (in some states called marital dissolution) – proceedings, are unaware that estranged spouses can agree to most of the terms of their divorce – without a bruising and protracted court battle. What is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)? A “marital settlement agreement” (MSA) is a ...
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  • Client Directed Mediation

    || 1-Aug-2014

    Client-Directed Mediation Individualizes the Divorce Process All human beings were created uniquely different. And all marital relationships are unique as well. When current statistics show that more than half of today’s marriages will fail, that reality should dictate that divorce proceedings should be unique, too. It seems that many family law mediators have a set agenda for divorce ...
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