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  • Use Mediation to Develop a Child Custody & Support Plan Before you hire an attorney to litigate your child custody and support plan, consider contacting a mediator for guidance. Most parents who result to litigate child custody and support orders often feel dissatisfied with the judge’s ruling. By hiring a mediator, parents can work together to reach an agreement that is not only best ...
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  • Getting The Most From Divorce Mediation

    || 21-Nov-2014

    Why You Should Consider Mediation in Orange County Divorce disputes can be draining, both emotionally and physically. Reaching an agreement can often cost more time and money than the settlement itself. With the help of a neutral third party, mediation is one way to avoid a messy courtroom battle. If you are unsure if mediation is right for you, consider the tips below. Will Mediation Work For Me? ...
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  • Family Law Mediation For Active Duty Military Members

    || 20-Nov-2014

    Military Divorce Lawyers Active duty service members, whether stationed state side or abroad, face unique legal needs when it comes to domestic law issues such as divorce, legal separation, child support and child custody. Going through a divorce or separation is never easy even if it is amicable and for the best. Being thousands of miles away on a deployment or temporary duty can make it even ...
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  • Child Custody Mediation Attorneys When a marriage dissolves, or when two unmarried people have a child together, they must deal with issues regarding timeshare, parenting and child custody. As with divorce, it is becoming increasingly common for parents to choose out-of-court methods to draft parenting agreements. Family Law Mediation is becoming more and more common to help couples reach ...
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  • The Impact Of Separation And Divorce On Children

    || 21-Oct-2014

    Children and Separation or Divorce The California Courts provide an online guide for families going through separation and divorce. The website, Families Change (http://www.familieschange.ca.gov/ provides three versions: one for parents, one for children and one for teens and pre-teens. This complements the legal information found below. Deciding how their children will be cared for and where they ...
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  • The Orange County Divorce Mediation Process

    || 27-Aug-2014

    The Mediation Process – How Mediation Works in Orange County Finding the right mediator to help resolve your divorce disputes can be challenging. At our meditation practice, we meet with our prospective clients and discuss their case to determine if mediation is appropriate. We take great pride in helping our clients reach solutions while saving them time and money. Read on to learn more ...
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  • Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 22-Aug-2014

    What is a Marital Settlement Agreement? Many people who are about to begin divorce – (in some states called marital dissolution) – proceedings, are unaware that estranged spouses can agree to most of the terms of their divorce – without a bruising and protracted court battle. What is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)? A “marital settlement agreement” (MSA) is a ...
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  • Client Directed Mediation

    || 1-Aug-2014

    Client-Directed Mediation Individualizes the Divorce Process All human beings were created uniquely different. And all marital relationships are unique as well. When current statistics show that more than half of today’s marriages will fail, that reality should dictate that divorce proceedings should be unique, too. It seems that many family law mediators have a set agenda for divorce ...
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  • Choosing The Right Divorce Mediation Attorney

    || 29-Jul-2014

    How to Choose the Right Divorce Mediator in Orange County Are you an Orange County, California resident currently considering using a mediator to resolve your divorce disputes? A highly trained Newport Beach divorce mediator can help you save time, money, and quickly help you and the other party reach an agreement on a pending divorce, or family law related disputes you may have. Read on to learn ...
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  • Collaborative Law Vs. Mediation

    || 27-Jul-2014

    Mediation vs. Collaborative Family Law Approach – Which One is Right for You? Divorcing couples in the Fullerton, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, CA areas contemplate between utilizing the collaborative family law approach or mediation to promptly resolve their divorce disputes. Though both options allow couples to decide how to best resolve any pending issues, mediation is the more ...
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  • Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Orange County This Summer

    || 11-Jul-2014

    Summer vacation can be thrilling for kids, but at some point the newness wears off and you’ll probably hear your children utter the words “I’m bored!” And while I definitely advocate for children to entertain themselves, it’s also fun to get the kids out and explore some new things to do, or to do fun new projects at home. With that in mind, here are my top 10 things ...
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  • In this, the sixth and final article in the Positive Thinking series, we will deal with areas in which you can best positively impact your post-divorce life. We will assume you have read the previous articles and have taken steps to protect as many relationships as possible. In the divorce process you agreed to a financial plan, child support (and possibly spousal support), and division of assets ...
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  • This is the fifth in our series of six articles on why adopting a positive mindset during divorce can have a permanent effect on the rest of your life. In our last four articles, we discussed how a positive mindset can help you through the divorce. In these last two articles, we will focus on why it is essential after the divorce is final. Today we focus on the children. Did you know that children ...
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  • This is the fourth in our series of six articles on why adopting a positive mindset during divorce can have a permanent effect on the rest of your life. In our last article, we discussed how the wonderful relationship you had when you were first “in love” can deteriorate to the point that divorce seems like the only option. This week we focus on how and why it makes sense to begin ...
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  • Looking At Divorce From A Child's Perspective

    || 25-Feb-2014

    Often times, a couple will become so involved with their divorce proceedings that they forget that their actions affect not only themselves, but their children as well. A child’s perspective on divorce is often overlooked, even though they’re one of the primary affected parties. In order to shed light on the emotional turmoil and difficulties experienced by children of divorce, Ellen ...
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