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How Fighting Harms Children

Posted By Judy Williams || 8-Nov-2013

Blog IMageFighting among parents affects children in different ways. Teenagers typically feel inclined to get involved, while younger children respond by internalizing their feelings. Often these repressed feelings manifest later in a child’s life in the form of anxiety or depression.

Unfortunately, growing up among marital discord is not an atypical situation for most American children, and often the discontent ends in divorce. The effects divorce can have on a child are many, ranging from problems related to neglect, health, behavior, learning capacity, drug abuse, crime, and suicide.

Beyond the effects listed above, divorced families are more likely to struggle financially than two-parent households. Even families that did not struggle before find themselves in a difficult financial position after a divorce. Commonly, these financial issues follow the children of divorce into their adult lives, as children whose parents divorce are likely to earn less money in adulthood.

A good deal of the emotional toll divorce takes on a child is a direct result of how the parents themselves deal with the friction in their marriage, and how it manifests in their relationship with their children. Accordingly, a good way to avoid the pitfalls of marital conflict is to communicate openly and fairly with your spouse about the relationship, including open, fair discourse about topics like each other’s needs, forgiveness, household responsibilities and emotional and physical intimacy. For particularly trying issues like unfaithfulness, sexual frustration and verbal abuse, seeking the help of a professional can help provide perspective to these difficult conversations. Though uncomfortable, resolving tension in a relationship is the most important thing a parent can do for the future well being of their children.

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