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Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

    || 22-Sep-2011

    According to the Census Bureau report “Marital Events of Americans: 2009”, the divorce rate for second marriages is no higher than for first marriages. Overall, second marriages are shorter. But that’s because they are usually later in life and are more likely to end when a spouse passes away. For those marriages that end in divorce, they appear to last about the same amount of ...
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  • The Child-Focused Divorce

    || 17-Sep-2011

    As you all know, I am passionate about protecting children through the difficult divorce process. I really like this article written by Elizabeth Bernstein for the Wall Street Journal. It has some great tips on co-parenting, and the author herself has a great story about how her parents co-parented and put their children first during their divorce. A sidebar in the article also discusses the 5 ...
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  • For More Couples, Divorce Can Be On Friendly Terms

    || 14-Sep-2011

    This article was published last year, but I came across it again and felt like it was worth sharing with you. Choosing mediation or collaborative divorce saves couples time and money, and the benefits to the children in the family are so great, that it is usually the top reason why couples choose mediation or collaborative divorce. Click here to read more about mediation, and two couple’s ...
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  • Dad's Involvement Improves Child Outcomes

    || 3-Sep-2011

    Concordia University has published a new study that shows children who have fathers that take an active role in child-raising activities do better academically and have better behavior. This holds true regardless of whether the father lives with the children. While this research is not exactly a surprise to anyone, it reinforces the importance of both parents active involvement in their ...
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