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Blog Posts in October, 2011

  • Ten Tips on How to Argue Less With Your Spouse

    || 28-Oct-2011

    Conflict in a relationship can actually help make the relationship stronger if it is handled constructively. If a couple fights constructively, couples typically argue less and their communication becomes more effective. However, destructive fights that lead nowhere only cause defensiveness, resentment, hurt and disappointment. This usually leads to a downward spiral when conflict occurs, and no ...
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  • Top 10 Co-Parenting Tips: Low-Conflict Divorce

    || 20-Oct-2011

    I am an enthusiastic advocate of low-conflict divorces and co-parenting, as it is always the best choice when a divorce involves children. This article gives some good basics that provide a solid foundation for co-parenting, also referred to as cooperative parenting. Parents who choose this method work together in the upbringing of their children, and don’t allow issues in their personal ...
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  • 5 Easy Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Marriage

    || 15-Oct-2011

    In this week’s blog, I’m highlighting an article by Gretchen Rubin, where she talks about the 5 mistakes she keeps making in her marriage, and the strategies she is using to address them. Here is a sneak peak at the mistakes: Demanding gold stars Using a snappish tone Not showing enough consideration Score-keeping Taking my husband for granted These are common issues in many marriages, ...
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  • Handovers are the physical and logistical process when children leave the care of one parent for the other. It can be awkward and upsetting for both children and parents, depending on how well you are getting along with your ex. As we discussed in last week’s post, children are extremely sensitive to the stress and anxiety of their parents, so it is definitely in your children’s best ...
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  • Can Your Kids 'Catch' Your Stress?

    || 3-Oct-2011

    I came across a very interesting article and wanted to share it with you on my blog this week. The premise of the article suggests that during times of stress, when you think you are ‘hiding’ your stress and anxiety from your children, they actually have an innate way of picking up on it and it affects them greatly, both physically and emotionally. David Code, author of “Kids ...
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