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Ground Breaking Divorce Reform in the U.S.

Posted By Judy Williams || 20-May-2011

We all know the devastating effects of divorce – the emotional after-effects, financial hardships, effects on our health, and more. I’ve talked before about the specific effects to children of divorce, and the fact that children of divorce are 89% more likely to divorce than their peers from intact families. That is why I focus on collaborative divorce and divorce mediation instead of divorce litigation. I am pleased that our nation’s leaders are now recognizing the serious effects and cost that the high rate of divorce has had on not only individuals, but our country as a whole. There hasn’t been this great of an attempt at divorce reform for the last 40 years, until the recent creation of the Coalition for Divorce Reform. This article discusses the creation of the Coalition for Divorce Reform (CDR) and the mission and goals of the CDR. If you would like to go straight to the CDR website to check it out, here is the link .

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