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Blog Posts in May, 2011

  • How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

    || 27-May-2011

    I’ve talked before about my passion for protecting children from the painful effects of divorce as much as possible. One of the hardest parts for many divorcing couples is how to break the news of the impending divorce to their children. As difficult as it may be, how you approach this conversation is a very critical piece as to how your child(ren) will deal with the divorce. This article ...
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  • Ground Breaking Divorce Reform in the U.S.

    || 20-May-2011

    We all know the devastating effects of divorce – the emotional after-effects, financial hardships, effects on our health, and more. I’ve talked before about the specific effects to children of divorce, and the fact that children of divorce are 89% more likely to divorce than their peers from intact families. That is why I focus on collaborative divorce and divorce mediation instead of ...
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  • What Your Marriage Needs to Survive

    || 18-May-2011

    In addition to using my blog to give you information that helps navigate the difficult divorce process, I also like to use it to provide you information on how to strengthen and maintain a healthy, strong marriage. Though this may seem counter-intuitive for a collaborative divorce attorney, my desire is to help couples and protect children from stressful divorce proceedings. As such, I would like ...
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  • Mother's Day for Single Moms

    || 6-May-2011

    Being a single mom is a tough job. In fact, there might be nothing harder! Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I thought it was a good time to recognize all the mothers out there, especially the single moms. Chances are many single moms are juggling jobs or careers, children, daycare, children’s activities and sports, and more! I’m sure that can seem overwhelming at times, for even ...
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