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Blog Posts in March, 2011

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Law

    || 24-Mar-2011

    Are you curious as to how collaborative divorce is different from mediation? There is a clear difference between the two. In a collaborative divorce, both parties retain separate legal counsel who are specially trained to resolve issues without going to court, or threatening to do so. In mediation, the parties negotiate for themselves, and retain a neutral third party to guide the discussions. ...
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  • What's Your Fight Style?

    || 11-Mar-2011

    A recent article in the Chicago Tribune caught my eye titled “Married and Fighting”. This article discusses the recent study at the University of Michigan that theorizes it’s not so much the fighting in a marriage that can lead to divorce, but the fight style. This is an interesting article that discusses the differences in men’s and women’s fighting styles, and ...
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  • The divorce process can be challenging even for couples that are splitting amicably. Usually, there is some level of anger in both parties. Anger is a normal emotion during the process, and probably one of the most common feelings expressed during this difficult time. I wanted to share this article with you because it talks about how anger can be used positively during the mediation process, and ...
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  • Spousal Support

    || 4-Mar-2011

    One of the topics that usually has a lot of questions and discussion around it for couples going through a divorce is the topic of spousal support. Indeed, the issue of spousal support is complex and varies from state to state. Therefore, it is important to discuss the issue of spousal support with an attorney to understand what it means for your situation. However, here are a few links that ...
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