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Another Collaborative Divorce Success Story

Posted By Judy Williams || 12-Jul-2011

A few months back I highlighted a client’s success story with collaborative divorce, his name is Tom Reddy. This time I would like to share Helen’s story. I like to highlight my client’s success stories to show you that choosing collaborative divorce DOES make a difference in your family’s lives! Please enjoy reading Helen’s story:

My name is Helen and I met Judy Williams seven years ago. She was referred to me by a friend of mine who kept telling me how much Judy Williams had helped her and how easy it was to work with her. I was kind of scared to deal with an attorney when I was all of a sudden back in court unexpectedly, so I called Judy Williams. I will always remember that night before going to court because it was my first time in court in the U.S. Judy ran through things with me, made sure I was comfortable and reassured me about the process. She called me to see if I had any additional things that I had remembered, and checked in with me the morning of the court date. She has a talent for making sure that people are comfortable interacting and communicating with her, which I found very hard with other attorneys.

Judy is on good terms with my ex-husband. She called him to discuss some situations regarding our daughter, and he in turn would contact Judy as well if he had something to discuss. That kept us from having to communicate on anything other than our daughter. I think my daughter’s relationship with her dad is very good, partly because of the way Judy set up the parenting plan.

If I was going to recommend an attorney to a friend, I would definitely, from my heart, recommend Judy Williams.

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