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Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • The Wrong Reasons for Staying Married

    || 21-Jul-2011

    Marriages that start out happy and full of promise can unfortunately become tumultuous, disappointing and toxic. Let’s face it, maintaining a healthy marriage is hard work! Before choosing divorce, I believe couples should really try to resolve their issues and awaken their relationship. However, there are some very common reasons that people stay unhappily married, which really ends up ...
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  • The Top 5 Ways Money Problems Cause Divorce

    || 16-Jul-2011

    Money problems are typically listed among the 10 top reasons why people get divorced. The article I’m highlighting this week talks about the specific top 5 ways that money problems cause divorce. Here is a recap of the 5 money dynamics that typically pose the greatest challenge in a marriage: The Financial Roller Coaster The Financial Odd Couple – Savers vs. Spenders Control of the ...
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  • Another Collaborative Divorce Success Story

    || 12-Jul-2011

    A few months back I highlighted a client’s success story with collaborative divorce, his name is Tom Reddy. This time I would like to share Helen’s story. I like to highlight my client’s success stories to show you that choosing collaborative divorce DOES make a difference in your family’s lives! Please enjoy reading Helen’s story: My name is Helen and I met Judy ...
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  • For many divorcing couples, the emotional aspect of adjusting after the divorce is hard enough. Then, if you have children, it’s tough to learn how to handle those difficult situations where you have to see your ex (and maybe eventually their significant other) at your children’s important events. Inevitably there will be graduations, sporting events, weddings, etc. that you both will ...
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