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Welcome to the Center for Mediated Divorce Blog!

Posted By Judy Williams || 15-Dec-2010

Hi, I am Judy Williams, the Owner of Center for Mediated Divorce, a family Law Practice in Irvine, California and I’d like to welcome you to my new blog! I decided to write this blog because I have a desire to help couples navigating the difficult divorce process. In my blog, I want to highlight the alternative methods to a litigated divorce, as I am a strong believer that while the divorce process is never easy, it can be accomplished in a peaceful manner.

About 5 years ago, I decided to eliminate the litigation part of my practice. I had one too many sleepless nights worrying about clients, worrying about what would happen in court the next day, hassling with the opposing council when they were not giving us the information we needed, playing games and just generally making life miserable for my clients. So, it was a difficult decision because, of course, litigation is where the money is, and I was concerned with whether a practice solely based on peaceful solutions was going to be viable or not. I took the plunge, decided to take the road less traveled and do it.

I believe that when children come into this world they deserve the very happiest calmest life that can be given to them. So often children become the pawns in a divorce situation where the mom and dad are so angry with each other or so hurt by things that have been done or said that the children end up being the ones that really are harmed by the divorce process.

So, I believe that anything that I can do or other people can do whether it’s ministers or councilors or friends, all of us can form a support group to help people see that a peaceful way to divorce is what’s best for the children and best for the family. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and would love to hear your feedback. I hope you will participate in the discussion on my blog!

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