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CMD Announces Family Law Panel of Experts

In my 20 plus years of operating Center for Mediated Divorce I have observed a pattern of persons calling in who are searching for legal help". Most of them are searching for attorneys with a heart for family law who they can trust to have their best interests at heart. Over that period of time, several persons I have personally worked with stand out as tops in their field of endeavor. These are not only the best in their family law specialties, they have excellent records as client sensitive and settlement oriented.

Their approach nearly always results in the best solution at the least cost in dollars, emotional stress and permanent relationship damage. After years of success in working relationship with these top professional, the Center for Mediated Divorce has assembled a Panel of Proven Experts that in one place will be available to help solve your Family Law needs from Adoptions, Annulments, Guardianships, Legal separations, Pre and Post Nuptials, Mediated Divorce and Settlement-oriented Litigated Divorce.

Now, in one place, you can be certain to find your best solution in one place at lowest cost provided by an industry leader who cares about preserving your future relationships through the CMD Expert Panel. Each member of the CMD Expert Panel is featured on our website so you can learn more about each and their areas of expertise. By calling the Center for Mediated divorce you can be sure that your particular situation and problems will be heard and understood even before we introduce you to the best expert to guide you through the process to your solution.

Go to the CMD Panel of Experts tab to learn more about each of our team members. Call now with your questions and to talk to an expert.

Judy Williams, Owner of Center for Mediated Divorce

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