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The Center for Mediated Divorce has been helping couples divorce for over 20 years. There are choices in completing a divorce, and our Irvine divorce attorneys embrace divorce solutions from litigation to collaboration.

Each method offers different advantages and possible disadvantages, and we at the Center for Mediated Divorce strive to inform you of all the pros and cons associated with your potential options. We are committed to helping our clients choose the very best process for their particular situation.

At the Center for Mediated Divorce, it is our job to help couples understand the many options the divorce process offers. We then provide our clients with the support and encouragement needed to help them make the right choice for their particular situation.

What are the secrets to success at the Center for Mediated Divorce?

  • We offer a set fee schedule, so our clients will know the costs up front.
  • Working with our firm means the control over your future stays in your hands.
  • We offer dignified, respectful divorce solutions that work for long-term results.
  • We channel our focus toward positive, new, independent lives.
  • Our team is passionate about helping families achieve their goals.

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You deserve to work with a recognized and qualified legal professional, especially as you and your family embark on a potentially life-changing chapter of your lives. For the compassionate, caring, and considerate legal guidance you deserve, call our Irvine divorce lawyers at the Center for Mediated Divorce today.

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